Koos delayed everything

By: Diane Benjamin

Kevin McCarthy didn’t bother to show up so the commission is Koos and the Clerk. Maybe Kevin knows Dullard doesn’t have a case and doesn’t want to look stupid voting with Koos. Essentially Koos doesn’t want the referendum and Angie Hounker won’t vote against him if she wants to keep her job.

There won’t be a decision made until at least next Monday. I wonder if Koos knows a judge can still order the referendum on the ballot even if it’s not submitted to the County Clerk by September 1st. Koos stalling tactics don’t overrule a judge and ballot access.

Supposedly Brian Day is going to hold a conference call between the two parties. There is nothing to conference about unless Dullard withdraws his complaints. The Illinois Supreme Court already ruled towns and villages are synonymous, so kiss that argument goodbye. We know we have enough verified signatures, so kiss that one goodbye too.

Dullard and Koos want to take away the rights of minorities to have representation. Two minority women spoke at public comment from their hearts. If Dullard has a heart he will drop his useless challenge after listening to them. He doesn’t have a case.

7 thoughts on “Koos delayed everything

  1. I’ve spoken with the first lady a few times, she’s a good woman from all I can tell, exactly the kind people like Koos and Reece don’t know any of, and have no intention of knowing and listening to them.

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