Bloomington tonight 8-22-2022

By: Diane Benjamin

FYI: Committee of the Whole meeting information from 8/15/2022 is missing from the City website.


The mayor continues to reappoint the same people to Boards and Commissions, tonight the Transportation Commission. As a comment here stated – Renner is still running the City.

Spending more of the free money that contributed to inflation is back on the agenda: $750,000 streetscape study.

At least this isn’t on the consent agenda!

Most of the meeting is pretty mundane. The Finance Director’s report is at the end. I wonder if he will still report the anticipated reserves amount – it was getting ridiculously high!

Bills and Payroll:

Tonight’s report shows 955 employees!

Pension still spiked, obviously taxpayers are the only ones who care about the massive pension debt.





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