This group is helping veterans and worthy of support

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I was invited to home of a disabled veteran where a non-profit group called Central Illinois Housing Network was making much needed repairs:

Pictured are Starr and Bill Goptop and their son Nick.

This group is a registered 501(c)3. They help veterans that wouldn’t be able to make needed home repairs themselves. Starr told me the VA does not provide any assistance to older veterans, if it wasn’t for CIHN they wouldn’t have any help. They partner with any group or local business willing to assist them, and they accept contributions or fund repairs themselves. This worthy group needs money because at times they have to tell veterans they don’t have the funds to help. Donate here:

CIHN was referred to this home because of sewer line issues with the pipe running to the street. The home owner is a disabled veteran without the means to pay for the needed work.

The sewer line will be fixed with CDBG Funds from Normal but many other issues took priority once CIHN entered the house. They noticed burn patterns around outlets, they replaced outlets immediately and the wiring will be checked. Next they found the furnace and hot water heater were not working due to water in the basement.

Yesterday the group was installing a French Drain to prevent water from getting in the basement, a new furnace and hot water heater will be installed when the basement is dry. All of the materials have been donated or arranged for with other non-profits. Of course the labor isn’t covered.

Central Illinois Housing Network works quietly for veterans. They do this because they are thankful for the sacrifice veterans gave to this country. Help them help veterans if you are able. They will be grateful.

5 thoughts on “This group is helping veterans and worthy of support

  1. WOW – that is amazing!

    I have never heard of this group before today – Donation sent!

    We are all forever grateful to our Veterans!

  2. I have donated to this group. I encourage others to please donate too. Helping our veterans is a very worthy cause.

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