Normal wasted your money, where are your representatives?

By: Diane Benjamin

Since I was in (unrepresented) west Normal yesterday I drove west on College to see the Normal fire hydrants installed next to Bloomington’s for myself:

The current Council (minus one) believes everything they are told. This project was sold as “critical” in the marathon one day budget discussion. The Council was also told it would “close the loop”. At no time were they told fire hydrants would be installed next to Bloomington’s.

You better sit down. What did this cost?


That is millions that won’t be spent fixing old mains and lines in the rest of the Village.

More pics, I circled Bloomington’s yellow hydrants because they are difficult to see:

I have no idea why Normal’s are so close together. Maybe if development happens every business will get their own hydrant.

This view is in the opposite direction:

Since the Village of Normal is spending your money they don’t see duplicating Bloomington’s water lines and hydrants as complete waste of money. They know where to get more – your wallet. Do your elected representatives care?

The fleecing isn’t over. WGLT has started the campaign for a new library in Uptown 2.0 because mitigating asbestos is expensive:

WGLT: Two empty banks are across the street from the library. Instant temporary library space is available while asbestos is removed. There is even a parking garage across the street where development was expected on the first floor but never happened. Maybe you can tell us again how successful Uptown is. How about a multi-part detailed story!





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  1. Scott Preston is the silent fighter. I’d appreciate him making some noise so we know which side he is fighting for.

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