Short meetings and no discussion is back in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m excited because I can now just write the same story after every meeting: Everything passed, nothing was questioned.

Citizens of Normal should know they have no representation. Trustees are elected to represent you, the ones in office now represent the Town. Everything is great! Normal is a wonderful place to live! Don’t mention brown water, potholes, empty spaces in Uptown, Uptown 2.0 and debt.

The business part of the meeting was less than 15 minutes. Kathleen Lorenz couldn’t keep track of where the council was on the agenda and kept trying to talk about the site plan for the Apostolic Christian Church before it was time, but otherwise there wasn’t a peep from your representatives on any agenda items. Lorenz just wanted clarification on why a site plan was needed. Karyn Smith was absent.

Chemberly Harris’ Youth on a Mission took up the rest of the meeting. She only had 4 youth this year – all female. Next year she is getting $19,000 to create more activists.

2 girls presented on free female hygiene products and lactation pods.

2 girls know we only have 11 years before climate change is irreversible, therefore Normal has to act.

Hint: Anything that is not allowed to be debated is a lie – not science.

The meeting was delayed because of computer problems in getting the opening presentation to load. One of the 4 is graduating this year, next year might be down to 3 youth/$19,000.

The video below begins with Normal getting a Water Ambassador award. They had to apply for it. Details here:

Kevin McCarthy chaired most of the meeting because Koos was off savoring his award or something.

If you want to see the youth presentations just hit play. You will have to fast-forward through the computer problems:

2 thoughts on “Short meetings and no discussion is back in Normal!

  1. The water award had nothing to do with water quality. It only requires communicating to residents not listening or fixing problems. Normal sought out and paid for this award to deflect the brown water problems.

  2. It’s utopia, didn’t you know that? 😀

    We’re merely subjects, here to serve our king.

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