Unit 5 is hiring Marxists:

By: Diane Benjamin

Dr. Shelvin must believe people of color can not succeed without you paying to “empower disenfranchised communities”. She’s black and successful, how did she do it?

DEI pays well – $35 an hour. I enjoy the leftist names for teaching Marxist ideology: Freedom School. Unit 5 doesn’t currently have “quality instruction”?

Freedom School was invented in the 1960’s.

Remember the 60’s? Bloody Democrat Convention in Chicago? Race riots? Bombings on college campuses? Of course the State of Illinois is paying for this. The left wants unrest and is trying to recreate the 60’s. More power can not be seized until unrests gives them permission to take away real freedom.

Government doesn’t solve problems – they create them.

15 thoughts on “Unit 5 is hiring Marxists:

  1. Pretty common place now, even Illinois GOP Chairman Don Tracy has a woman who is in Leadership in one of the most Powerful Marxist Socialist organizations in the USA on his Lincoln Day Dinner Steering Committee. Could THAT be why the Chairman of the Sangamon County Republican Party Could not tell the Audience of 1000 plus people that the Woman who was the Keynote speaker, (Kellyanne Conway) that folks paid 125.00 to see that she worked for Donald J. Trump? Ya Think?

  2. Servant leaders? Well, yeah marxists claim empowerment as they use servants to the top marxists more power as history shows, leaves those servants in servitude for life. Yes please sign up to be our servant. Servant/slave,,,any difference? Wow! Lol.

      1. It is more a commentary on how Unit 5 is running things that they can’t even check a post before it goes out. But hey, attack those that fighting against this. This is exactly what is wrong with everything right now. Everyone can be a keyboard commando, but no one really wants to do anything. Thank God my kids will be in D87. Geesh.

  3. I notice that the HR department is not copied on this hiring memo. Maybe HR reports to Shelvin now. Soon all of Unit 5 will. I wonder what Legal thinks.

    DEI oversees – Policy, Curriculum, Discipline, Financial decisions, Policy making, Decision making, Hiring, Teacher Assessments, Training, Teaching Resources, Instruction approaches, Organizational culture and climate, Employment growth opportunities….

    From their Equity Audit.

    SYSTEMS – To ensure a systemic and continuous development toward advancing equity within all policies, processes, procedures, initiatives, decision-making and fiscal responsibility.

    TEACHING AND LEARNING – To intentionally embed equity-driven pedagogy in the curriculum, resources, instructional approaches, use and consideration of assessments and academic programming for the purpose of advancing equity for each student.

    STUDENT VOICE, CLIMATE AND CULTURE – To consistently seek students’ feedback and experiences and nurture a positive, authentic, and meaningful organizational culture and climate.

    PROFESSIONAL LEARNING – To provide a continuum of professional learning and growth opportunities for all staff in pursuit of fully understanding and embracing educational equity.

  4. Some of the “counseling” and “liaison” roles for DEI and Marxism and systematic stalking kids and “monitoring” them have been going on for a while. We pay for all the crap too.

    Nothing nee to see here…

    Keep throwing your money at em. Cause they retire on easy street with their “system partners”

  5. This is a big part of how the National Socialists rose to power a century ago in Germany.
    Teach kids what To think, not how to think. Teach them to hate, starting with some bogeyman of a ‘them’ – some group they label as inherently bad people. No, not bad people, just bad. Teach them to follow the crowd. Of course part of this has to include hiring preferences or requirements for those that will help instill hatred and blind obedience.
    We’re still early enough in the process that most people are ignoring that we’re just replacing National Socialists with Woke Socialists. “It can’t happen here” is already well underway.

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