Bloomington met – minus Gleason and Mboka

By: Diane Benjamin

Since this Committee of the Whole wasn’t scheduled to set up future spending, the heavy hitters didn’t have to be there to cheerlead the agenda.

The Police Department presented their annual report followed by the Fire Department.

See the police presentation here:

I did learn something new about guns. Criminals are buying “switches” to turn semi-automatic guns into fully automatic. I called John Boch of Guns Save Life since I knew he could inform me. He sent me this article he wrote last December:

Chicago police encounter these switches but the Soros State Attorney fails to prosecute. These switches are illegal. Two of these guns were found in Bloomington last year. The article states gangs love them. Gun violence is escalating because criminals have no deterrent. Thanks Illinois. The switches are being imported from foreign countries, the Department of Justice is too busy prosecuting J6 paraders to shut it down.

I don’t see the Fire annual report posted yet, it should be here:

I remember about 30 years ago the Fire Department had too many people applying for jobs. Evidently lots of people aren’t now. DEI is being used to recruit Fire Department employees in places the City has never recruited before. Of course everyone cares what color the person saving their life is. 🙄 See 52:50 – Tom Crumpler.

You can hear the fire presentation below – just hit play.

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