Normal FOIA finds – just a start

By: Diane Benjamin

Received by FOIA.

Remember the Normal Town Council meeting where everyone who wanted to make a Public Comment wasn’t allowed? Since no one NOW on the Council wants to hear from citizens, 30 minutes was set and not challenged. Pam Reece doesn’t have a problem wasting a citizen’s time who wants to exercise their 1st Amendment right to address their government, she doesn’t want her time wasted listening:

1st Amendment excerpt: . . . . and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The huge sign at One Normal Plaza that passed with no discussion last Monday will be paid for with a grant:

Normal Council meetings will be short since they are back to pre-planned with City Manager. This is what democracy (in Normal) looks like. Pam Reece sent this to the Council:

Council meetings are nothing more than fixed votes.

One thought on “Normal FOIA finds – just a start

  1. That stupid sign SHOULD BE, “Route 66” in 8ft tall letters/numbers, with Normal in small letters at the bottom. (Such narcissists they are.) The attraction is Route 66, not Normal, IL. But you can’t tell leftist progressive marxist democrats anything.

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