One Normal Plaza to get HUGE Sign!

By: Diane Benjamin

Does Normal know what they consider part of Route 66 doesn’t connect to Route 66? Visitors can’t drive directly from Pontiac’s sites to Normal.

That isn’t stopping them from trying to make One Normal Plaza a destination. First they need a sign people can take their picture with:

Of course the size violates Normal’s own sign ordinance, so Monday the Council will rubberstamp a variance.

Start reading on PDF page 85:

How many “planned” failures does Normal have to incur before the citizens realize government doesn’t create anything but failure?

Has Normal attempted to get your money back from Nick Africano yet?

No spending on the sign is included but the Council will approve whatever it costs when that is presented. This is only a variance.

8 thoughts on “One Normal Plaza to get HUGE Sign!

  1. Appears to be anything but normal… What pin head staffer dreamed up this monstrosity? Prove positive that the vaccine causes brain damage too.

    1. “Prove positive that the vaccine causes brain damage too.” – I see you’ve noticed that as well . I also think it gets worse with every booster. As to the sign – what’s next “EXIT NOW! SEE Worlds biggest pile of absolutely nothing!” which is of course “Uptown Normal.”

      1. The brain damage is real. It is happening. It is similar to the damage being done to the hearts of the vaccinated. Instead of the vaccine’s spike proteins attaching to heart muscle and causing micro-scaring of the heart, the spike protein (after passing through the blood brain barrier) attaches to brain cells where they are attacked by the immune system. The immune system attack kills surrounding brain cells causing the loss of higher brain functions. So you get these new humans that are very emotionally driven. We see them on the road and in the news every day. Violent and aggressive behavior is everywhere. See this video for a detail explanation of what is going on. Be prepared to be shocked and maybe depressed by this: REINER FUELLMICH – SUDDENLY CHANGED? PERSONALITY-CHANGES AFTER MRNA-INJECTION

  2. The sign will be seen by very few people. I wonder how many potholes could have been fixed with the money.

  3. And how many roads could have been repaired with the money used? The sign reflects the king’s ego

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