Hilarious Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

I’m paging through a FOIA I received with communication concerning the two recently approved cannabis dispensaries.

Most emails in support of approving the special use permits have the name of the supporter illegally redacted. Those opposed don’t.

Emails are no different than appearing at Public Comment, therefore names can not be redacted. I could bore you to death with dozens of examples, but below is one against approving and one for approving. I bet the Masters aren’t happy Preston changed his vote, their names aren’t redacted. The names of the supporters on the second email are redacted.

The “professional staff” missed a redaction on this one:

6 thoughts on “Hilarious Normal!

  1. Staff’s inconsistent redaction practice shows preferential treatment of some people over others. Is sickening how they play favorites.

      1. No, it’s how BN/McLean County operates in everything. Know the right people, you can screw up in everything and still live a good life. You don’t, tough crap for you. It’s just not sickening now, it’s been sickening for decades. Never has changed, never will.

  2. Also, the Brennan email hits it on the head. High Haven has ties to the community. As they say, follow the money. Who owns or is an investor in High Haven?

  3. Notice that previous no votes back in February were before the election. It bought time for Karyn Smith and Kathleen Lorenz to get themselves reelected. Consummate politicians.

  4. My grandpa visited the Soviet Union during the cold war. He noticed how cheap and accessible vodka was. The reason – keep people drunk and docile so they won’t realize how bad things are, and can’t revolt if they do.

    Illinois doing the same with marijuana.

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