Is it purposely difficult to read?

By: Diane Benjamin

I would snip this graphic, but you would think I made it difficult to read on purpose. See the original source:

How much did Unit 5 pay to create flyers they could easily make themselves? (and be readable)

I have a tons of thoughts on this, I’d rather hear yours. It isn’t Equality since it is targeted at black students. It isn’t Equity either since activism is taught instead of inspiration.

Your thoughts?

Remember this?

“Servant Leaders” are mentioned at the bottom.

11 thoughts on “Is it purposely difficult to read?

  1. IF we were able to ask questions about this and IF someone would be willing to answer questions about it (which they wouldn’t), I would ask.

    1. What does the term “academic growth that centers Black/African America history” mean? (not “centers on black history” but “centers black history”.) they aren’t the same.

    2. So does this mean that you will teach that the founding of America was in 1619, that the Civil war was fought to protect slavery, that President Lincoln was a white supremacist? That ALL American institutions are systemically racist, thus black students cannot succeed because they are forever suppressed?

    3. Wouldn’t it be important that you explain this term to parents before they send their kids to this program?

  2. More questions.

    What does this mean, I ask, as if anyone would ever dare to answer.

    “Freedom School aims to improve academic achievement and engagement for student groups experiencing historically persistent patterns related to the opportunity gap and leaning loss.”

    1. Please give specific examples of “historically persistent patterns” in Unit 5.

    “historically” means that at some point in time a particular thing happened. It is a matter of fact. What was it? When and where did it happen?
    “Historically” DOES NOT MEAN a general feeling that some people think might have happened and could possibly, but not necessarily, be related events in the immediate environment.

    2. What is an “opportunity gap” and give specific examples of those in Unit 5. Who is being oppressed and more importantly who are the specific oppressors? When and where did they oppress? How are they legally being dealt with?

  3. Freedom schools are rooted in the Civil Rights movement. They were developed by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and launched first in July 1964. The goal at that time was to turn historically disenfranchised people into active, political actors on their own behalf. This isn’t some new initiative that Unit 5 dreamed up; it has deep roots and practice in its own history. But sure, let’s complain on the internet about it, because there’s nothing better to do with the day.

      1. Honestly if I were Dr. Shelvin, I would screengrab every time my name was mentioned on this blog and add it to my CV as a citation. They’re adding up.

    1. @Comedy – If you believe there is no difference between the Civil Rights movement that was pushed by republicans and the Equity Ideology that leftist Marxist are pushing you are either actually blind or willfully blind. I question your intentions.

  4. The only gap is on the part of the black kids who think English is stupid, school and hard work is for chumps, and the hip-hop lifestyle is so cool.

  5. I am guessing a graduate of one of these programs “created” that work of art. I’ve created better while seated on the throne before fushing them.

    Unit 5 is drowning in wokeness and SJWs. At the rate they’re going the local blacks won’t be able to read any better those in Chicago or Decatur. The Klan could not be happier.

  6. Short answer to your question Diane. Yes, it is purposefully difficult to read. The purpose is to establish a new “truth” in the mind of children without the understanding of the parents.

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