$73,631 toy for Koos

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

This isn’t a “fleet vehicle”. Check the plates.

13 thoughts on “$73,631 toy for Koos

    1. So vitesse is the mayor…. I can’t get a straight answer about electric bikes on the trail…. they are fucking annoying and why make rules your friends didnt have to abide by…..most are rich middle ag e d white men (which I am same demo) people are flying on electric bikes down the trail…. it’s really fucking annoying… regulation needed or why have the rule…. and you need to enforce for everyone not just the ones that don’t fit your “Normal”

  1. Mayor Koos wanted to enjoy owning a Rivian but could not afford to pay for it. So he took advantage of his office and had taxpayers pay for his personal luxury mobile. Sad to see the council let Normal descend into such obvious corruption and waste.

  2. Reminds me of the members of the Politburo driving in to Red Square in the hideous looking, Russian made, Ladas. No accounting for taste or style for Communists.

    1. Unfortunately they have raised ‘gaming the system’ to an art form – a lot of what they do is unethical, but very seldom actually illegal, and the illegalities are things they know they’ll never be prosecuted for.

  3. And in that dream, Koos celly is a drag queen. Weighs about 350lbs, 6’4″, has a full beard, an intense smokers cough and only hits the showers once a month, The queen has decorated the cell in rainbow, listens to the QVC channel all day and raves incessantly about gas powered vehicles. Chemberly is the warden that rules with an iron fist and offers no favors to old acquaintances.

  4. That will be a great place to park it (with a for sale sign) once Rivian runs out of their investor money and has to file bankruptcy. From what I have seen online, this vehicle will “go cold and worthless) pretty quickly without customer service and app support. He will have a huge planter that he can grow decorative plants in, to enhance the green signature of his bike shop.

  5. Spending taxpayer money like this is an affront to every hard working citizen. I hope all the people that ride the bus, walk, bike, have cars that barely run, can’t afford car insurance, work two or more
    Jobs, are struggling financially see how the Mayor flaunts their Tax money.

    Can’t he afford his own vehicle? Can’t he afford his own lunches, dinners, expenses? Guess that bicycle shop must not be making much profit if he’s using Normal debit card for all of his purchases and finding excuses to show them as “work related”.

    Fleecing the taxpayers for almost $75,000 plus expenses yearly, While drawing salary. Only a Narcissistic Personality Disorder does that while “serving”. But hey, it’s “free” money right. All the other mayors, he talks to those around central Illinois often and compares their budgets, plans, ideas, policies, etc so that he does t miss out. Just like that EPA plan, “Smart Growth in Small Towns and Rural Communities”. The obvious guidelines the Mayor and City Council have been pushing for the last few years. Leading to a future 15 minute city.

    You want to see a 15 minute city, find a small chicken coop with about 6 chickens laying eggs. It’s the perfect example. Everything is there for the “citizens” chickens, safety, food, water, shelter, entertainment, company, etc. They even have work, egg production and secretly the farmer takes the egg’s away. So the chickens are happy. The farmer can even open the door and rarely will the chickens leave the warm and safe environment to explore the intimidating outside world, because everything is provided in the walled city. With one master and many happy, ignorant, “free”, slaves that voluntarily gave away the world.

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