Update to the Hershey Road island

By: Diane Benjamin

First Story: https://blnnews.com/2023/08/12/more-lets-create-work-for-government-employees/

I really thought this was grass:

I drove by again today. It isn’t grass. Very attractive! ๐Ÿ˜ If they don’t quit stalling my FOIA, I will find more incompetence to reveal.

8 thoughts on “Update to the Hershey Road island

  1. I am over near this everyday. We wondered what was happening there when they built this. I have a friend that lives right next to it in the Hershey Grove subdivision. A few years back the city wanted to put a park like space with playground equipment in an empty lot near the apartments in the back. They had a meet the residents thing in the empty lot (which was right next to an existing home). We of course attended. The residents told the city at the time that this made no sense since their are almost NO kids in the area. Everyone thought it was stupid and the city was doing the bidding of the apartment owners. So the city backed down from the project. So maybe this “island to nowhere” is part of a bigger plan to provide something for the apartments in the future? FYI… it is the dumbest looking thing you have ever seen. But the other day I did see a city employee watering plants at the park up the street in the pouring rain. So…

  2. It’s a crosswalk for a future trail expansion. Not sure why the crosswalk was built before the trail.

  3. Please keep asking this question! As a resident of Hershey Grove, what we’re ‘hearing’ is that the developer rushed to finally get this installed and the City is not going to hold up the requirement for the developer (TENTAC) to pay for the trail extension/connection that would go down Hershey and around the curve by State Farm.

    I believe they were allowed to create a greenspace or park in exchange for the trail extension. And, now the City isn’t going to require them to put in the trail extension. That’s what we’re hearing, but don’t have the full detail and documentation to back it. Would love to know/see if it’s right or wrong.

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