The final Hershey Weed Patch story

By: Diane Benjamin


The weed island at the crosswalk to nowhere got mowed:

That isn’t grass and it wasn’t mowed well, likely because a small mower wasn’t used:

I found out the City of Bloomington also did the island at the corner of Towanda Barnes and Ireland Grove. In order to “maintain” it, a truck is just driven up on it since there is no other place to park.

I proposed a Common Sense committee to review all actions government takes. With an endless supply of your money to spend they have zero.

2 thoughts on “The final Hershey Weed Patch story

  1. I agree with you! There is no accountability for the spending!

    Meanwhile, everyone work harder and longer hours to pay for those real estate tax increases!
    This cost is across the board and impacts EVERYONE!
    YES – even if you rent, your rent WILL increase as these taxes keep going up & up!
    These sky high taxes are one of the main reasons why the rents are so high!

  2. I propose the city be divided into 15-20 areas and bid out each section to private companies to mow.
    The city should not own a lawn mower.

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