The Hershey Road weeds – again

By: Diane Benjamin

Let’s call the weeds prairie grass. Of course this is in the middle of Hershey road. I hope the seeds weren’t expensive. I could have given them seeds for free from the garden. Yes, they are now even taller than the last pics.

9 thoughts on “The Hershey Road weeds – again

  1. An old landscaper I worked with for years who could grow grass anywhere told me weeds were beneficial in establishing new grass from seed. Holds soil in place and shields seedlings from sun. Allow weeds the first year then address them the 2nd year. Initial seeding mixes often include annual grass along with the perennial seed mix to hold soil and protect seedlings. Why mow as hot and dry as it has been?

  2. Not sure why you’re so obsessed over that tiny island.
    If this is the biggest problem In Bloomington then they must have the world by the tail!

    Have you been on the tennis courts st Rollingbrook park? They look like a dystopian hellscape. It is no wonder nobody plays tennis there any longer.

  3. Reward cohorts by spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money on studies. More money to political friends applying for grants. Sometimes get grant money to employ union workers to keep the vote. Build, build, build!!!! Maintenance?!? What?!? What’s that? LOL, we’ll have to raise taxes to pay for the maintenance so we can appropriate that money for more studies. Rinse and repeat.

  4. Perhaps you should know what the heck you’re talking about. Prairie grass is native and noninvasive. It’s not a weed. During the 1920’s and 30’s people tore out the native grasses and over farmed and the biggest ecological disaster happened, the Dust Bowl. Top soil was stripped and blew during high winds killing people and farm animals. The the government had to put back grass and trees to end the ecological damage caused by digging up prairie grass. People plant ornamental grass which are descended from prairie grasses. First you were complaining about trees now prairie grass. You don’t like anything. Native grass needs very little in watering. For someone who claims to garden you seem to know nothing on the topic.

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