New Alderman Jenna Kearns is Jenn Carrillo 2.0

By: Diane Benjamin

Thanks to no one else running in Ward 1 last April a socialists walked on to the Bloomington City Council without a fight. Nice folks.

You should know Jenna Kearns does not say the Pledge of Allegiance which means her oath of office to the Constitution of both the US and State of Illinois is probably meaningless too. If both Constitutions are ignored, what are the new ground rules for government? Whatever socialists want?

FYI: Socialism and Communism have never worked anywhere.

Both have killed millions of people however.

Below is the best screenshot I found from a past meeting, at least she stands up:

This is the agenda for the Committee of the Whole meeting tonight:

On the agenda:

  1. Presentation on Early Childhood Regional Needs Assessment from Birth to Five Illinois, as requested by the Administration Department.
  2. Update on Public Works Reorganization, as requested by the Administration Department.

This should be riveting with the echo at the BCPA and the speakers not on camera. I hear they may not be back in the Government Center in October after September was promised.

File this under: Government must be limited because they aren’t capable of anything else. Why is City government that can’t fix the roads hearing about early childhood education? Because someone wants your money?

5 thoughts on “New Alderman Jenna Kearns is Jenn Carrillo 2.0

  1. I am tired of Republicans complaining that a seat was given to the Democrats because no Republican ran for it. I thought the purpose of a political party was to line up like-minded people and candidates to run for political offices. I guess only the Democrats got that memo.

    I know I’m pointing out the obvious here, but the Republican Party needs to start planning for ALL upcoming elections by finding candidates well ahead of time.

      1. There is no such thing as Non-partisan. Either an elected official governs/votes with liberal or conservative principles. Republicans avoid getting involved in Non-partisan races because the term “Non-partisan” is used, and then they complain about liberals/Democrats controlling nearly every part of government.

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