Celebrate Constitution Day!

By: Diane Benjamin

Since the actual Constitution was signed 236 years ago yesterday and it fell on a weekend, the National Constitution Center is celebrating today.

See their website: https://constitutioncenter.org/education/constitution-day-resources

Most of the problems we face today are because the Constitution is immaterial. Restoring the principles that made America the shining city on the hill would return if the Constitution was again honored.

When your kids get home from school ask them if it was even mentioned at school.

Brilliant scholars debated and wrote it, tyrannical authoritarians are destroying it. The obvious proof is people who pass unconstitutional laws and wait for the courts to beat them down. Years later the socialist/Marxist programs are difficult to unwind. People are conned into voting for socialist ideas because they sound good, of course they never work. History have plenty of proof socialism enslaves populations. That is why it isn’t taught.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Constitution Day!

  1. When Illinois’ public schools basic premise (equity) is that all institutions in America were purposefully designed to be racist and still are today, celebrating the Constitution is a problem.

    It’s an either/or proposition. They’ve chosen to dump America.

  2. My daughter and I went to Washington DC in August as a HS graduation present. We viewed the founding documents. What I found most surprising/frustrating is that the documents are no longer very legible and they don’t have the documents text viewable where they are displayed. Such a missed opportunity for education!

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