County Administrator Cassy Taylor salary

By: Diane Benjamin

Evidently your McLean County representatives don’t want you to know how much Cassy Taylor is paid. A salary increase was approved last Thursday with no mention of how much it was. The agenda said:

A. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Elizabeth Johnston

  1. Items to be presented for action:
    a) Request to approve an amendment to the Employment Agreement
    between McLean County and County Administrator. (To Be Distributed)

The only transparency here is the County answered my FOIA request within one day of filing it. Try FOIAing other government units – you will be lucky to get a response in the required 5 business days without them asking for additional time.

Salary history from Open The Books:

2022Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$159,270.39Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
2021Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$126,227.08Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
2020Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$105,571.49Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
2019Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$91,023.72Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
2018Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$81,543.10Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
2017Mclean CountyTaylor Cassy L$80,114.27Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund

Taylor was named Administrator in 2021.

The amended employment contract will be in effect until February 28, 2029. Her salary increased to $176,928 with increases of $16,500 in both 2025 and 2026 if her performance review that we will never see scores 3.0 or higher.

She also gets a $9,000 a year car allowance.

Do the math – she got an 11% increase this year. She also plans to keep all the new money generated by increasing property values. A windfall for her to spend both professionally and personally.

Of course you get the bill.

See the employment contract here:

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  1. She does NOT EARN that salary. I wonder how many hours a week she actually “works.” She is yet another leftist progressive marxist rewarded with a “job” that she neither earned or deserves.

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