It is impossible for me to cover all local units of government myself, therefore I am going to quit covering Normal. If anyone actually cares about schools, I need help there too.

Your part-time mayor driving a vehicle taxpayers paid almost $74,000 for and putting regular plates on it instead of government plates didn’t make anyone mad enough to even speak at Public Comment. Actually few citizens ever show up to address their grievances, so you all must be happy with the fleeces of your money for the elites.

There is no hope for you since you have no representation on the Town Council, therefore there is no reason to continue covering Normal. Everything will pass with little discussion and you will all get the bill.

I’m sure WGLT will let you know all the news Normal wants you to know.

I doubt anyone wants to see the agenda for Monday, but here it is. Julie Hile needs more of your money and will get it:

I will be concentrating more on the County Board instead. A couple more things from Thursday’s meeting:

Eric Hanson was sworn in as the appointee to fill a vacancy in District 8. He is the soon to be spouse of current Bloomington Alderman Cody Hendricks.

A Proclamation was made declaring September Hunger Action month. Reported was 8.5% of the population or 14,520 individuals struggle with hunger in McLean County.

If you have been to a grocery store you know why: inflation.

Who you vote for matters, inflation was self inflicted because the day Biden took office he launched a war on fossil fuels that made transportation, manufacturing, commuting, and everything that uses fossil fuels more expensive.

Next election vote better. In case you missed it, Biden thinks Climate Change is more of a threat than nuclear war. Google it.

Government broke it, don’t look to them to fix it.

Hit play to hear the proclamation:

7 thoughts on “Announcement:

  1. One only needs to drive down fell street in front of the mayor’s house and count the 10 or 20 bicycle emblems that have been painted in the street. You question in places that looks like there is only one lane for cars. This is your mayor who by the way owns a bicycle shop. You are right Diane you won’t hear a word from the residents of normal about their king. Covering normal crooked leaders achieves absolutely nothing as it is obvious they the residents support fully all the crap that their leaders continue to do. So glad that I don’t live there.

  2. Part of the problem is and we saw it with Stan Nord, it all falls on deaf ears. Our king does what he wants, when he wants, and changes the rules so we can’t fight. We are tired of fighting when we have walls thrown up and there is no possible way to get things changed. To say election fraud at the local level is redundant.

  3. Normal is finacially doing well. Perhaps your anger is not warranted. Perhaps that is the reason you do not cover Normal–well that and your candidates for town council were soundly defeated.

    1. They are doing well because the reds pay for a lot of what they do. $33 trillion in debt, I hope you don’t have kids who will get that bill. Forget about inflation? Tax receipts are great because you are paying more taxes on everything you buy. Just a start, stay blind

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