More “Let’s create work for government employees”

By: Diane Benjamin

Add the following to this story:

Hershey road south of Ireland Grove road was down to 2 lanes for quite awhile. The City of Bloomington had to install this:

Now some City employee gets to mow what looks like a crossing for a future trail extension. The concrete pad on the far side of the street doesn’t go anywhere.

Since there are no sidewalks on the far side of the street no people will be crossing to get to the cornfield.

Planning ahead evidently, just like they did with the fire station that sat empty for years and is now a storage facility. At least this one didn’t cost millions (that we know of!)

FYI: They could have done something pretty like this that didn’t require mowing:

Expanding the payroll (buying votes) is more fun!

3 thoughts on “More “Let’s create work for government employees”

  1. More like let’s see how many high paying jobs we can create so we can bilk taxpayers out of their hard earned money for doing nothing!

  2. And the McGraw Park fountain does not run for a second year, the new fun park isn’t finished yet, and the streets look like Beirut.

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