I love the new short meetings!

By: Diane Benjamin

Taxpayers won’t, but I do.

The video is 25:28 minutes long. Around 5 minutes is a Liquor Commission meeting before the Council meeting. Around another 5 minutes is Trustee comments, only Chemberly Harris mentioned Make Music Normal, it shows she doesn’t care what you think about a taxpayer funded drag show, just hit play:

Kathleen Lorenz still isn’t happy with the cannabis ordinance changes. The Planning Commission will now hear them, approve them and send them back to Council. She got no support from the other Trustees on things like limiting the number of dispensaries. She voted yes last night but claims she might not when it comes back. Will she stand alone? Hear her comments at 16:25.

Of course there was no Public Comment.

11 thoughts on “I love the new short meetings!

  1. 1. Chemberly – says there are a number of citizens that “didn’t support” the music festival. She left out the important part on purpose and it has to do with a drag queen show. She tends to be disingenuous and apparently loves to be divisive toward the citizens whenever she can. You can do that in this council. Koos probably gave her two gold stars last night. One for her swipe at the citizens and another for her beaming birthday wish. A proud night for her.

    2. Lorentz – I know she was concerned about the adult entertainment after the fact. She says she didn’t review the list of performers before hand because she was going to be out of the country and off line at the time of the event. But she was the only member of the council besides Reese that answered me back. Did she not receive the memo from the boss? She apologized for her late response and said she is looking into the matter.
    I was disappointed that she didn’t at least mention the concern of a number of citizens about the drag show at the meeting. It could be because there is at least one FOIA that was issued so maybe she is waiting for that information to come in. Or maybe she also doesn’t really care? We’ll find out.

    3. Nord – The matter of an adult entertainment drag show at a “family friendly” music festival would have made this meeting much longer if he was there. As a matter of fact the entertainment would have gone on as we got to watch Koos and Reese play Whack-a-Mole at every comment Stan would have made. But what do we get now? Smiling faces and birthday wishes. A silenced citizenry appears to be agreeable.

  2. The drag show thing was at 10:15 PM, inside the Normal Theater. Much ado about nothing. If you don’t like it, don’t go and don’t take your kids to it…no one is forcing it on you. I didn’t go, nor did I force my kids to go.

    I found MMN to be a fun event…along with the thousands of others who attended.

    1. I didn’t go to the drag show either nor would I take my kids to it. You’re missing the point. Why are our tax dollars paying for this?

    2. @bnindy – I get your point. So, if I see pornography in the library or the schools, I won’t read it and I won’t force my grandchildren to read it. Problem solved! Thanks!

  3. “Taxpayers won’t, but I do” Ah yes, because once again we are reminded here that you you don’t live in the immediate Normal area, but love to share all of your opinions and criticisms of it — and then get defensive whenever others point out that you spend a lot of time dragging a place where you don’t even deign to live.

  4. @BNINDY, I’ve always been pretty open minded middle of the road type but leaning conservative. That said there is NO WAY I support any part of the social engineering push towards the mental sexual assault towards our children. Let them grow up as kids. Adult decisions rob them of their childhood. Perhaps you missed the New York parade of which the local perverts chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re coming for your children.” With or without their admission, it’s pretty clear what is going on and what the intention is. So rather than allowing the slippery slope to cascade into a raging mudslide, I whole heartedly disagree with my tax dollars being spent on sexual depravity.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, but in this context, the drag queen show is more about friends of Chris Koos and who gets special favors and funding from Normal taxpayer dollars.

  5. Chemberley is a joke. Flexing her muscles as though she has something useful to contribute. Ha.
    Lorenz is attempting to get back in the good graces of the Conservative Republicans. Not happening. I don’t care how often she performs this charade. We’re not buying her 2 faced fakery.

  6. The drag show was to show support for Pritzker. Koos and Reece will do anything that supports and aligns with Pritzker politics. They need to be in his good graces to get more money for the underpass and other things. The council probably had no input on the scheduling of the exotic sex show.

    1. All true, but it’s not just to impress Pritzker. This is what Koos and Reece’s vision for Uptown is. And, you’re right Council had no input in it. Chris Koos doesn’t need a Council to get this stuff done. Neither does Pam Reece.

  7. Koos needs to kiss the jelly belly ring to help keep himself out of jail as tyrants stick together, until that bigger fish in the pond decides the smaller fish is it’s next meal.

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