Normal agenda for tonight + Unit 5 referendum:

By: Diane Benjamin

Add the $1000 deposit:

The IML Conference was in Chicago! – probably 3 nights lodging if they attended all 3 days. Over $5000:


Why did Normal hire this firm?

Chemberly is back teaching kids to be democrats at your expense + Uptown Circle Rent:

Public notices must be really expensive in the Normalite:

Celebrate! The financial statements for 3/31/2022 are finally being released. Would you invest in a company who took this long to produce documents?

Your Town property tax rate should go down:

The agenda is long, scan it for yourself.

One more thing to note:

This is from the website of the law firm above Normal hired:

The Unit 5 referendum is to provide more money to the Education Fund. Does anyone know the reserve balances in their other funds?

January 2020 WGLT article Unit 5 wants you to forget:

Unit 5 could save between $5 million and $8.3 million over the next decade by taking back control of student transportation, a consultant told the school board Wednesday night.

I’d vote NO to the referendum.






4 thoughts on “Normal agenda for tonight + Unit 5 referendum:

  1. Two people (1 car) drive to Chicago from Normal (280 miles r0und trip, less than one tank of gas). $100
    Let’s say 3 days parking at even $100 a day. $300
    Let’s say two hotel rooms at $300 a night. Two people, two nights each. $1200
    Conservatively, $1600. TOTAL –
    I submit you restock the bar in your room at YOUR expense. Not paying you to drink.
    Where does this “expense account padder” get those numbers for “travel”?

    I can’t believe he doesn’t get called on this.

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    1. I agree in principle, but I’m a stickler on “The best response to lies is Truth,not different lies we like better.” (Not that I think you’re purposely lying, but I have seen others do so.)
      They should take a ‘company’ car, in which case the expenses would probably fall into a different slot; but if they take their own vehicle, the actual miles May be a little higher and the IRS reimbursement rate for mileage is over 50c/mi. Rounding up on everything give about $190 as a maximum.
      Since they aren’t spending their own money, it looks like IML didn’t bother negotiating special hotel rates like most conventions do. So rooms would be more like $350 after taxes.
      Not sure how many meals are included in the convention package, but whatever ones aren’t are reimbursable potentially up to $74/day. Again rounding to give them the benefit of the doubt yields an additional $120 per person.
      And it looks like 3 people went, not 2? But even rounding everything in their favor, I still only get around $4K total, Including conference registration…

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  2. If you want better Normal government, be sure to sign the petitions for Good candidates! I know there will be people at the Heartland College polling place collecting signatures for most of the day, and there may be others out collecting. Or contact me and we can make arrangements to meet.

    All It Takes For Evil To Win Is For Good People To Do Nothing!

    Please vote, please sign petitions, please spread the word, and it’s an unfortunate fact of life, but please donate!

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