Sharon Chung SCREWS Normal taxpayers

By: Diane Benjamin

Two types of people run for office. One runs for power and forcing other to submit to their vision, the other wants to serve and preserve freedom and liberty for future generations.

Every Trustee in Normal does the bidding of staff and Koos except one. That one is despised for representing the taxpayers who elected him. Lorenz and Smith want your vote and then stab you in the wallet.

The Town of Normal Public Comment policy proves they DON’T want to hear from you!

Representation in Springfield is exactly the same. Newly elected Sharon Chung is representing government – NOT YOU! Remember this story in two years when she wants re-elected. You are the LAST person Sharon Chung cares about, she wants membership in the elitist government club.

Remember when MANY citizens signed petitions asking to change how Trustees are elected in Normal? Remember when a judge ruled Normal is an incorporated town and therefore citizens aren’t allowed to petition their government under the law?

Remember when 3 citizens submitted petitions to run for the offices the Illinois Law for incorporated towns requires them to elect?

Remember when Judge Fellheimer ruled based on his research instead of the legal argument Tom Devore put forth?

Here’s his phone number, you may want to thank him for screwing you too:

Obviously Tom Devore and the citizens were right!

Sharon Chung has introduced amendments to current law that exempt Normal from electing a Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor, and Collector, The bill number if HB 3337.

It is too late to file Witness Slips opposed to this bill, but here are the people who did know to file in support:

The wannabe Koos replacement, Kevin McCarthy, was obviously in on this shame.

If Normal was legally operating as an incorporated town this bill would not be needed.

Obviously they aren’t!

Sharon Chung is making sure Normal is legal by changing the rules.

We are in Illinois after all where this is how government works.

Chung is so corrupt she is willing to submit a bill that ONLY applies to the Town of Normal.

Read the text of the bill here, you need to page down to section 10 – read to the end:

Chung’s bill removes the wording the case for electing the above mentioned offices was based on. It proves citizens were right, Fellheimer was wrong, and Chung will do whatever she is told. I’m sure Normal’s hired Madigan attorneys wrote the bill.

Here’s her contact information. She needs thanked for making sure the citizens of Normal live under tyranny. It sure isn’t representative government.

18 thoughts on “Sharon Chung SCREWS Normal taxpayers

  1. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly go any lower, they actually do. Corrupt to the core, the entire lot of them, except for Stan Nord.
    Please vote for Nord, Sila, & Tiritilli.

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  2. Essentially this will, without ever having a referendum, ensure that the residents in Normal will never enjoy having the elected offices that other incorporated towns do.

    This was coordinated by town staff. Most who don’t even live in Normal.

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  3. Don’t things like this require approval by elected councilmen before the unelected staff take steps to make these major changes? I mean really, what happens if the people were elected don’t want the changes. Do government employees really have complete autonomy to solicit legislation to shut voters out?


  4. Townie is correct. This bill isn’t necessarily a smoking gun on past misdeeds so much as enshrining in state statute that Normal voters will never be allowed proper representation.
    As it stands right now, Normal is exempted from electing officers other than Mayor and Trustees, but they could potentially make Clerk, Collector, Supervisor, and Assessor elected positions by passing referenda to do so. Assuming this passes, that will no longer be possible.


      1. Please keep an eye on what is happening in Springfield this bill will go to the senate and into committee when it does speak out speak loud and stand up for yourselves this bill does not have to become law.


  5. Now that Koos knows he has a pet in Illinois gov who knows what new laws for Normal will be passed. How about a bill saying Koos is ,king of Normal forever? Wouldn’t put it past him.

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