Gov. Pritzker: Sign HB 3337 today!

By: Diane Benjamin

Proving Democrats represent government and not citizens, HB 3337 passed both houses in Springfield.

Once Pritzker signs this bill – written only for the Town of Normal which is illegal – Koos will have the right to pass an ordinance changing Trustees from elected to appointed. Read it yourself:

Democrats pretend they are for voting rights when this proves they aren’t. They aren’t for law and order either since passing a law that only applies to one entity violates the Illinois Constitution.

This law proves Judge Fellheimer got the ruling wrong and the citizens were right. Normal wouldn’t have instructed Sharon Chung and Dave Koehler to pass this if Normal was acting legally. (Don’t forget either did this to you!)

Phone contacts for the Governor:

If you are on Twitter: @GovPritzker

Call his office or Tweet and urge him to sign it today so we have definitive truth of democrat corruption (like we needed more). Pritzker hasn’t cleaned up anything.

Think Normal won’t change the ordinance to appoint Trustees instead of elect?

Just to prove the Town of Normal will lie to you, see their credit rating with the Moody’s:

Normal only has an AAA rating with tiny Fitch. They forget to mention that when they gloat about their credit rating.

4 thoughts on “Gov. Pritzker: Sign HB 3337 today!

  1. Heights of corruption in BN and county. And public private partnerships.

    Sounds like Madigan way.

    Pritzker family and network of “legal” high paid buddies always get their demands. At taxpayer and citizen expense.

    Be cautious who you trust Centralized Management and systems and systems like they all are paying to play not all they seem.

    Illinois is a controlled state and will get worse with the process and systems every local and county and state dept have our in

    It’s both sides of the aisle $$$. Koos is a paid off puppet. As are staff it’s clear.

    1. Mayor is the only position required to be elected. He could create the position of ‘senior council member’ tho and appoint himself for life, along with his friends as regular council members. At that point the elected mayor becomes nothing but the guy who runs the council meetings, unless Koos lets him do more.

  2. I wonder if they’ll update the signage? “Welcome to Normal – Illinois only legal dictatorship!”

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