Sarah Bonner infamy is State-wide

By: Diane Benjamin

Bonner is the Heyworth teacher who was forced to resign after making porn available to her students.

A friend sent me an op-ed that featured Bonner – see page 2:

The writer found it ironic that she was forced to resign because of the materials she made available to students while the State of Illinois is now making it illegal to remove books.

The article includes this list of books that are commonly banned:

It is tragic to ban classics like to Kill a Mockingbird that inspire while proving how much things have changed. Is Illinois okay with banning these or just not banning cartoon porn?

The writer probably didn’t realize Bonner is still teaching teachers at ISU. He will soon.

Previous story from March of 2023:

2 thoughts on “Sarah Bonner infamy is State-wide

  1. Since Pritzker is forcing libraries to bring back banned books thenALL banned books should be back in libraries including the Bible.

  2. You can go to any public library and the are Bibles in multiple languages. Korans too….

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