Sarah Bonner is creating activists

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader sent me this link to a book co-written by Sarah Bonner:

Much of the description sounds mundane until you get to this line:  which ultimately positions young people to be change agents in their communities.

Change agents for what Sarah? From the books and video links found in your classroom it isn’t anything parents want their children taught to be when they grow up!

Chemberly Cummings is using the same “create activists” using your tax dollars for her Youth On A Mission.

The job of schools is teaching kids how to think. Public schools today have too many people teaching what to think. Imagine a future with even more adults who think looting, burning, and protesting gets they want.

Keep in mind Bonner is teaching future teachers at ISU.

Another line from the link: providing teachers with the rationale for using inquiry as disruption if questioned by stakeholders.

In other words, how to fend off parents. She failed.

15 thoughts on “Sarah Bonner is creating activists

  1. She should have been fired and the parents should have pressed charges. What she did was illegal. Now, she will be allowed to reach other young children in another school district. I wonder why they didn’t press charges. Unless and until teachers are held accountable, this will continue to happen. Actually it is happening in schools now. The parents better wake up and take an interest in what is happening in the classrooms. Meet the teachers in the classrooms so you can see the books and what’s on the walls. You’d be surprised what you’ll find. Pop in after school unannounced.

        1. That’s gonna be a tough one to prove in court, I highly doubt those books would be considered pornography.

          She certainly did make a monumentally bad decision as an educator.

  2. Exactly right Diane! Fending off parents is a key part of this social revolution, formerly known as K-12 public education.

    So there’s no surprise to find these quotes in Unit 5’s Equity Audit of August 2021

    Pg 115 – “Hesitations, uncertainties and outright rejection and anger can be expected in broaching such topics. Leadership must understand that transformative movement is often contentious.”


    Pg 8 – “These discourses and actions must be relentless and continuously allow for improvement contributing to equity as foundational and a moral imperative.”

    Surprise mom and dad, education isn’t what you thought it was! It’s about an unannounced, undiscussed societal “transformative movement” and “moral imperative” that’s going to get you angry after you find out about it. So, we’ll keep it secret as long as we can.

    Vote now or forever hold your peace.

  3. Never forget what the monster Barack Obama said, “We will fundamently change America.”

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