Heyworth Parents won BUT:

By: Diane Benjamin

Sarah Bonner is no longer teaching Language Arts in Heyworth after parents found inappropriate materials in her classroom.

Bonner is still listed on the Illinois State University website as a teacher training students to do exactly what she did in her classroom:

Click this link: https://education.illinoisstate.edu/faculty_staff/profile.php?ulid=sabonne#fs-tabs-accord2

Next click on RESEARCH.

It looks like Bonner contributed to a book on Fake News.

Judgement is forcing me to stop there. 😉


9 thoughts on “Heyworth Parents won BUT:

  1. Today, the majority of Americans see the Godless immorality of these people’s world view. The only thing left for them to do is to secretly infect the minds of our children.

    America is in the midst of a cultural revolution in our schools. We are under attack by Neo-Marxists. If we don’t address this war we will wake up one day and find that our adult children are as morally corrupt as they are.

    Lenin and Mao showed us what this kind of revolution can turn into.
    Happy Friday parents! Where we going for dinner tonight?

  2. My kid’s graduated from Heyworth. Sarah Bonner is an outstanding, caring, and compassionate teacher. It’s too bad she chose this route, the progressive trap of defending porn and discussing climaxes with a 12 year old. Instead she could have done something noble that they will remember forever like challenging the students to creative writing and a chance to win Illinois Shakespeare Festival field trip tickets, a win win for the kids and hardworking language arts enthusiasts who showcase their talents and skills and not their private parts. Heyworth school board’s work to rid the schools of teachers with an agenda isn’t finished yet… they still have one who when she was pregnant and asked the gender of her baby said she’d let the child decide and she also teaches language. She also had a racist book writer come and put the students on a panel. Made my son defend his white skin. Why is she still teaching? ??

      1. My school board speech days are on hold for the past year as I battle in court over something McLean County candidates for any election use as their platform: services for the mentally ill. There are none and if anyone says there are, they are lying. There’s jail and a ten day hospitalization and that is IF you survive the emergency room at Bromenn. McLean County hates the mentally ill and after a year of being in the longest guardianship battle in Central Illinois history, I will report to you if the Judge hates the mentally ill as well when we are finished. So far her rulings have made the situation worse and she’s shipped my loved one off to Chicago where “there are more services” just for them to be beaten which caused the facility she was in to be under investigation. But I digress. Keep up the good work Conservatives!! Your loved ones lives are at stake.when they are entrusted to the Left.

        1. I hear ya. Had very similar scenario and this area is totally off base. The Chicago move was a complete mess and joke in our scenario. Kids are experiments and numbers $$$$ Illinois is not good. This county- Bad as well.


  3. Other teachers in the district to keep eyes on include Jay Lawler, Cassie Sadilek and Nicole Hackney. Listen to the kids! OH…and Jay Lawler got up last night crying about being accused of being suspicious as to grooming and indoctrination. How does that feel Jay? Ask a police officer….they could tell you. Keep teachers beliefs and opinions out of the classroom. These are not their kids.

  4. Other teachers in Unit 5 to watch –
    These two have signed a pledge to teach the communist historian Howard Zinn’s based version of the History of America rather than the history currently taught, even if it is outlawed in the state as it has been in other states.

    The pledge states – We, the undersigned educators, refuse to lie to young people about U.S. history and current events.

    Corrie Beirne, Parkside ES
    Stephanie Hedgespeth. NCHS “I believe in the power of education and believe in the importance of educating students to learn about the world around them and to be able to become activists and change the world around them.”

    Here is some of what it teaches according to the book – Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America

    Columbus was a genocidal maniac.
    American Indians were feminist-communist sexual revolutionaries ahead of their time.
    United States was founded to protect white males’ ill-gotten wealth.
    Americans of the “Greatest Generation” were the equivalent of Nazi war criminals.
    The Viet Cong were well-meaning community leaders advocating for local self-rule.
    The Black Panthers were civil rights leaders.

  5. “Your loved ones lives are at stake…” More accurate than any of us want to believe.
    I’ve read the writing on the wall for some time, years ago saying something like “The US is headed towards civil war. Maybe not in my lifetime, but almost certainly in my children’s.” I had no idea ‘in their lifetime’ would mean before they’re even out of school!

    I don’t know if the historical trend of an overall 10% death rate will hold true. So much of the conflict being informational – social media, fake news, etc – could imply less. Greater population concentrations in cities where people are more vulnerable to loss of basics like water, sanitation, or food, compounded by the emotional fragility of a growing segment of our society, could imply much more. Hard to say which of those will be more significant.

    The reality-denying-left will lose. We can defeat them in the battle of ideas, which includes at the ballot box, when lives lost could be a low as the fraction of a percent already gone. Or we can wait until they need to be defeated on more traditional battlefields, with a horrific loss of life (10%ish?). Or perhaps we are defeated there and we have to wait for reality itself to defeat them, which will would entail Another horrific loss of life on top of that.

    So vote and fight and campaign like the life of somebody close to you depends on it.
    * Because * It * Does. *
    Probably not this year, and maybe not even this decade, but definitely in the foreseeable future.

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