I listened LIVE to the hearing

By: Diane Benjamin

Sharon Chung admitted the Town of Normal approached her to change Illinois law. She claims Normal went to great expense to defend themselves against citizens and doesn’t want to again.

She was then asked if the Town Board approved this, of course the answer is no.

A lobbyist for the Town of Normal was present at the hearing and answering questions on the Town’s behalf. He claims the law has ambiguity and Chung’s bill clarifies it. He also stated the mayor’s office directed him. He was also asked if the Council passed this legislation, of course the answer was no.

Chung verified Normal asked her to pass this legislation because of the judge’s ruling.

Justice died because Normal bought their court win with taxpayer dollars, the citizens couldn’t afford to appeal and therefore just lost their rights to representation. The full House – substantially Democrats – will pass the Chung bill.

It was difficult to tell who was talking on the audio, but a Republican asked why this committee was hearing a change to Municipal Code that elected people in Normal hadn’t voted on.

What sounded like a Democrat then asked Chung if the Mayor was elected and if she was elected. Of course she said yes, even though she doesn’t represent ALL of Normal. That part she didn’t state.

It passed out of committee along party lines. Welcome to Hellinois folks! Your tax dollars paid a lobbyist to be there – Koos thinks he’s god. The Council is immaterial. Of course if you have ever watched a Council meeting your already knew that.

One more note: Stan Nord and Marc Tiritilli testified in opposition. Unlike Kevin McCarthy who represented himself as the Town of Normal at the first hearing, Stan Nord made it clear he was not there representing anyone but himself.

The Democrat chair saw all the Witness Slips. He asked Republicans to wave reading all the names.

12 thoughts on “I listened LIVE to the hearing

  1. I always have hope the next election will fix things. I am always disappointed, citizens will complain, but not vote for positive change.

  2. Play dirty like the socialists. It is necessary when one’s life is at stake. Hire private investigators to look into every nook and cranny of Chung and Koos’ professional and private lives as far back as possible, including relatives. No different than they do against their political opponents. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Likely both have plenty to hide. It’s clear both are devoid of morals.

  3. I wish I had gotten to hear this and I don’t doubt what you’re reporting. But this bill still has a battle before it. Just because it got passed in committee does not mean it goes any further. I do not care for the remarks about Democrat against Republican that will get you nowhere. The citizens of normal are made up of Republican and Democrat they all don’t need anyone else pulling at their pocket or The party that they represent they already have to deal with coos and his little Indians that follow him around. Citizens of normal need to stand up speak out and continue the battle. The war has not ended.

  4. As I said at the Council meeting, despotic, dictatorial decisions being made by those without the authority to do so. McCarthy went to the State house and testified as Normal. Without any evidence, credentials, or authorization. He might as well have put on a Marshall badge and house arrest all opposition. In essence they just did the same thing.

    If I showed up at the State House, claiming to be the town of Normals representative, incognito, To start legislation. I expect the same results. Because McCarthy had absolutely no legal authority. Wrong jurisdiction.

  5. Is there an ethics referral or perjury charge if McCarthy is reporting to talk on behalf of the town without any legal standing to do so?

    Where is Brian Day’s letter to him that his conduct will be litigated to the fullest extent of the law?

  6. Once again how soon before Koos gets a law passed making him Mayor forever? How soon before Koos gets a law passed making public comments or dissension illegal? With this chick on his payroll the skies the limit for Koos All he has to do is ask. And presto new law. This is how a dictatorship is born. People in Normal better vote him out before he gets a law suspending voting.

  7. King Koos Klan operates similar to the KKK. Coincidence? No violence but agrressive, dishonest, and brutal when it comes to the rule of law. No need to be mayor forever when you are the King.

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