Sarah Bonner infamy is State-wide

By: Diane Benjamin Bonner is the Heyworth teacher who was forced to resign after making porn available to her students. A friend sent me an op-ed that featured Bonner – see page 2: The writer found it ironic that she was forced to resign because of the materials she made available to students while […]

Sarah Bonner is creating activists

By: Diane Benjamin A reader sent me this link to a book co-written by Sarah Bonner: Much of the description sounds mundane until you get to this line: ¬†which ultimately positions young people to be change agents in their communities. Change agents for what Sarah? From the books and video links found in your […]

Heyworth Parents won BUT:

By: Diane Benjamin Sarah Bonner is no longer teaching Language Arts in Heyworth after parents found inappropriate materials in her classroom. Bonner is still listed on the Illinois State University website as a teacher training students to do exactly what she did in her classroom: Click this link: Next click on RESEARCH. It looks […]