UFEA can’t spell – is this what they teach?

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

This pic below is a card mailed by the Unit 5 Teachers Union. Is this why testing scores are decreasing? Teachers can’t spell or proof read? It’s also misleading – reversing recent cuts has NOT been promised!

Voting for representatives the Union wants means taxpayers aren’t represented.

5 thoughts on “UFEA can’t spell – is this what they teach?

    1. Sadly that is true. In Unit 5, students are struggling in mathematics and reading. The proficiency for both is in the 40-45% range. They would rather take up valuable school time on things other than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Private school or Homeschool is much, much better for children.

  1. They already promote bad grammar and fake biology, and fail to teach kids to read, why shouldn’t improper spelling and blatant lies* be next on the agenda?
    Some people have derided the best DAMB** candidates for being unrealistic, saying deep cuts or a tax increase will be needed regardless. Even if these naysayers are correct (not saying they are, but let’s assume so for the moment), we need new management and we do not need to be financially rewarding the current poor management.

    *Blatant lies – the card says they have a student-centered vision. Either that’s false because they kept virus restrictions in place well past the time it was proven the restrictions were more harmful than the virus, or it’s a lie by omission by failing to include the fact that that vision is dark and manipulative.)
    **Dennis, Amee, Mollie, Brad

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