Tri-Valley School Board meeting tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Did Casey Misch ever get an apology? See the minutes, he asked for one! Casey?

Two links for tonight’s meeting. I’m thrilled documents are now published so the public can read what the Board sees.

Now make them SEARCHABLE!

There is a ton of financial information and school policies included:

One thought on “Tri-Valley School Board meeting tonight

  1. If people are looking for an option to Unit 5, Tri Valley may be an answer. They have not been infected by the Equity virus. There are NO instances of the use of the word “equity” or “through the lens of equity” in both BOE documents.

    Much unlike Unit 5 where the festering virus has taken over academia and replaced it with social and emotional scholarship. Tri Valley even goes so far as to print the scores required to achieve A through F grades. Imagine that!

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