Is Michael Bakana here illegally?

By: Diane Benjamin

Bakana is the guy accused of murder who cut off his ankle monitor and fled. It was reported he spoke with a heavy accent, of course nobody will tell us if he’s here legally of illegally.

Besides being arrested in January 2021 for murder and gun charges, he was also arrested for criminal damage to property of less than $500 in August of 2021. He was released that time on Personal Recognizance. From the information on line his trial for this was combined with the more serious charges where he failed to appear.

On the murder and gun charges Bakana posted $200,000 bond (10% of $2 million). Supposedly prosecutors investigate where sums of money like that originate, of course nobody is saying where he got that much money.

We also haven’t been told when Bakana cut off his ankle monitor. Did authorities only find out when he didn’t show up in court? We don’t know, but the job of government is to secure the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to us. That means dangerous criminals aren’t allowed to be free. Epic failure!

Why do the police consider Bakana armed and dangerous? What do they know we haven’t been told. Does he still have the gun he is accused of using?

You can see the county records here:

There are several entries labeled Motion to Withdraw. Was that lawyers who didn’t want to represent him?

6 thoughts on “Is Michael Bakana here illegally?

  1. I may be wrong but I think Bloomington and Normal can’t ask the nationality of offenders as a part of being “Welcoming Cities” or because Illinois is a Sanctuary State.

    1. Illinois State Statute prohibits police from asking immigration status. The municipality is required to adhere to State Statute.

  2. The timing of when he cut off the ankle monitor has been specified and reported in local media. In court yesterday, publicly, the judge said he cut it off 9 minutes before Monday’s scheduled hearing.

  3. A pre-trial services officer told the newspaper Bakana cut it off around 9:20. In court, judge Costigan noted that it was cut off “9 minutes” before the hearing started Monday. This was not a secret.

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