HB 3337 is unconstitutional

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course democrats won’t care if they pass an unconstitutional law, they do it all the time. The Town of Normal sure doesn’t care either since they are behind HB 3337. Rep Sharon Chung and Sen Dave Koehler have proven they just do what they are told.


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It is the responsibility of Town Attorney Brian Day to make sure whatever Normal does is legal. Day is now putting the Town of Normal in more jeopardy of being sued by not stopping HB 3337. To bad a local didn’t have Pritzker money to fund the appeal Fellheimer’s ruling got wrong. When the corrupt are in charge only money can achieve justice.

By recruiting Sharon Chung and Dave Koehler to pass an unconstitutional law that only applies to Normal, Brian Day has proven yet again he does what he is told, not what is legal.

Why is it unconstititual?

General Law for Incorporated Towns already exists. It states what offices have to be elected. HB 3337 was crafted only to exempt Normal from the general law that has been in place for decades.

Illinois has 2 Incorporated Towns, the current law applies to both.

A couple weeks ago a judge ruled a law passed that only applied to McHenry County was unconstitutional based on the same reasoning.

Jump to the end, Pritzker racked up another loss in court:

2 thoughts on “HB 3337 is unconstitutional

  1. Thank you so much, Diane! We were able to stop/delay this law simply on the basis that it was horrible law if you took the time to understand it, but adding ‘and it’s blatantly unconstitutional’ to our list of arguments should kill it. (At least in it’s current form – I doubt those ‘Friends Of Chris Koos’ers will give up too easily.)

  2. This bill protects a few town staff from having their offices become elected.

    Koehler is proving that he cares more about helping these couple democrats in government than letting voters have a say who hold these offices.

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