Normal: Kiss voting Rights Goodbye Thanks to Chung

By: Diane Benjamin

HB 3337 was heard by the Counties and Townships Committee because Sharon Chung is a member.

Duh, the Town of Normal isn’t a County or Township so this bill did not belong in this committee. Even though Republicans on the Committee mentioned this, they were ignored. The committee passed it and now it has been passed in the House.

The first thing you need to know is this bill ONLY applies to Normal.

The second thing you need to know is if Koos buddies are elected April 4th they can change the local ordinances to APPOINT TRUSTEES. Koos’ dream is to have 10 minute meetings where all his bobbleheads approve whatever the “professional staff” dreams up. He can forever pick people who represents him, not you.

This is the language Chung finally came up with in Amendment 3:

Previous versions stated 6 Trustees will be elected along with the President. They are now MISSING! The Town Council will decide who is appointed and who is elected. Pesky elections are too dangerous for Normal.

HB 3337 now goes to the Senate. Koos probably has passage fixed there too. The party that claims Republicans want to remove voting rights actually ARE removing your voting rights. Thank Sharon Chung.

Koos posted this on Facebook:

Why does Koos want these 3 elected? They will do as told.

Circuit Court decisions aren’t law, that is why Koos needed these changes and even went beyond claiming the Town didn’t need to elect a Supervisor, Clerk, Collector, and Assessor as Town law requires. Pesky citizens wanting representation have pushed Koos into dictatorship.

Marc responded:

Vote while you still can!

To make things worse, Mayor Koos’ office, under the color of law, exceeded their authority and misrepresented to state officials that this bill was authorized and was legally supported by the Town of Normal corporate authority. There was never a council vote/resolution to give anyone the authority to claim that the “Town of Normal” sanctioned a bill to be passed allowing only 4 people to make trustees appointed instead of elected without a referendum.

5 thoughts on “Normal: Kiss voting Rights Goodbye Thanks to Chung

  1. Words are deceptive. Words are weapons. And these bills are a well oiled game and machine at taxpayer and citizen expense. Ridiculous.

  2. I don’t understand – If the Town of Normal – isn’t required to have said elected officials – as argued by the Town’s Lawyers – Why the need for the law? It seems the attorneys for the Town may have misrepresented the truth in Court. How do we report them to the Illinois Bar?

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