Bloomington tonight-Community Garden Gone?

By: Diane Benjamin

Wow – 3 Public Hearings where likely no public will show up to speak:

That last one will lead to approval of that Annexation Agreement. I’m the first one to admit I am map challenged, but this sure looks like the land on the SW corner of Ireland Grove and Hershey that has been available as a community garden won’t be in the future:

A number of purchases and zoning issues are on the Consent Agenda. We get a new Finance Director’s Report which will likely show the City is stockpiling money.

Last meeting before the election folks!

2 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight-Community Garden Gone?

  1. The the property on the SE corner of Hersey and Ireland Grove Road is the developed residential area. The Public Hearing is for an amendment to the Annexation Agreement for that property.
    The community garden is on the NW corner.

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