Desperado Kathleen Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin

Let’s pretend you bought a piece of property in Normal.

That property has been connected to Normal’s sewer system for a least a decade.

You are the 4th owner of this property in that decade.

You want to develop the property but the Town tells you to include parts of the property that can’t be developed, like a huge ditch and massive Town sewer lines running across it.

You have the audacity to believe the current government of Normal doesn’t represent citizens, so you run for Trustee.

You get the highest number of votes of all people running for Trustee.

The Town hates you for invading their thiefdom.

The Town then sends you a bill for tap-on fees it “forgot” to charge the property owner when the sewer was connected 10+ years before.

You only pay the thousands of dollars because a lawsuit would have cost even more.

Next the local “government media” calls you all kinds of names pretending none of the above ever happened.

Worse, for the next 4 years the Town refuses to explain why some developers are charged tap-on fees and some skate. They claim it depends on the annexation agreement but refuse to admit THEY WRITE and AGREE to that annexation agreement. Friends don’t pay, you do.

Of course the guy all of the above happened to was Stan Nord. He didn’t play the “professional staff” game the way Koos and Reece want it played.

Kathleen Lorenz is out campaigning door-to-door. She needs to be aware that some people have doorbell cameras. In the video below she claims Stan Nord is divisive and she can’t work with him another 4 years. Interpretation: 10 minute meetings where nobody represented citizens made my life easier.

Lorenz in desperation mentions Nord not wanting to pay the tap-on fees. Is she really that disconnected from reality? Extremely desperate? Both? Anyone think she cares about you when she can’t even have a discussion with Stan Nord?

Turn up the sound. The camera must only be able to record for a set amount of time because it shuts off.

Kathleen Lorenz needs to be soundly defeated!

Vote Nord, Tiritilli, and Sila if you believe government should be working for you, not staff.

10 thoughts on “Desperado Kathleen Lorenz

  1. She reminds me of a racist or a homophobe or even a Nazi ranting about having to work with people who think or look different. There is no room for diversity in Kathy’s world.

  2. I’m sure you won’t publish this because you censor anything that doesn’t fit your agenda……
    Here’s part of your comment, I erased your clueless lies. Find. Better Media

  3. When I watch the Normal council meetings I’m always impressed by the bitterness against Stan. But Stan only asks questions. The same questions voters would and do ask. So their bitterness isn’t against Stan as much as it is against the tax payers and voters. These council members do need to find somewhere else to work. Kathleen knows it.

  4. Kathleen is comfortable Lying to people to get votes. ALL these years she ran as a Republican so people would vote for her. She didn’t have the courage to run as the leftist democrat that she is. Now she’s formed an alliance with the the other 2 leftist democrats. Byars calls himself a republican, but isn’t. Smith rode in on the coat tails of Stan Nord to win. byars, lorenz and smith are bad news for Normal. Elect Nord, Tiritilli and Sila.

  5. She didn’t mention her time at Purdue and working in Social Services!! I’m astonished.

    Typical anti-Stan rhetoric. They can’t stand a staunch Constitutional Conservative with integrity. Anyway they can silence him they will try. Nothing is below the Marxist playbook.

    I guarantee that this is a typical speech she gives those citizens taxpayers that even question her viewpoints. She claims she’s always the tie-breaker, but she’s been bought and paid for. They are feeling the pressure.

    Bet they secretly counted the mail-in votes and are really sweating.

    1. Yes Chad, she does like to flaunt her Purdue engineering degree, her kids who went to school out of state and her absolute hatred of Stan Nord. That’s all she’s got. If she can’t handle serving another 4 years with Stan Nord than the voters need to do her a favor and defeat her.

  6. I love that this guy calmly stood up to her. She probably thinks he’s a bully. She is a liar and a bully. If you live in Normal and want to get off the LONG BLACK TRAIN vote for Nord, Sila, and Tirtilli.

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