Democrats don’t believe in non-partisan

By: Diane Benjamin This website is funded by the Democrat Party with money Pritzker is pouring into local elections. Non-partisan doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a LONG time (if ever). Below are some bills the Democrats just passed they say who the extremists are: HB 3093 – Requires all public restrooms be stocked with menstrual […]

Unions Ask Illinois Voters to Sign Over Control of the State

Since MANY people sent this to me, I’m printing it. This has been circulating via email. VOTE NO. It was originally on Chicago It’s taken 50 years, but Illinois politicians are on the cusp of delivering the ultimate gift to their most important voting bloc: They’re scheming to enshrine public union power directly into […]

Nationwide gas prices, Illinois highest east of the Rockies

By: Diane Benjamin A friend was recently in the Quad Cities. The Iowa side had long lines at the pumps with Illinois plates. Besides the State Sales Tax (6.25%) and State Motor Fuel Tax (.39) and Federal Gas Tax (.19), both Bloomington and Normal added .08 in local motor fuel taxes. Any surprise […]