Nationwide gas prices, Illinois highest east of the Rockies

By: Diane Benjamin

A friend was recently in the Quad Cities. The Iowa side had long lines at the pumps with Illinois plates.

Besides the State Sales Tax (6.25%) and State Motor Fuel Tax (.39) and Federal Gas Tax (.19), both Bloomington and Normal added .08 in local motor fuel taxes.

Any surprise the Bike Shop owning mayor regularly uses motor fuel taxes for bike trails?

Remember this when you fill your tank.







8 thoughts on “Nationwide gas prices, Illinois highest east of the Rockies

  1. I suggest having lunch or dinner at the Beef House in Covington, Indiana. (just east of Danville). Great place to eat. Tank up for about $2.99 a gallon in Indiana before making the 90 mile drive back home. Lots of Illinois plates over there also.

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  2. $2.64 over the weekend along I 44 Mo.
    Cigs $ 5.03/ pack
    Fireworks and super cute blonde Muddy Girls abound.
    Scenery occasional marred by faded giant Trump signs and confederate flags , however.

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  3. Reece and Koos are as inconsiderate of the average non-government paid person as the state. They taxing people out of Normal. We pay Pam over 250k and Koos over 30k for a part time job. They are out of touch. They pay for and help their council bobble heads win so they can continue their spending spree.

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  4. So you’re against parks and recreation trails. Fine go live some where there are none. You also against street and infrastructure upkeep which is the reason behind gas taxes.

    You can’t have it both ways. On this blog you constantly complain about poor roads and other infrastructure. Gas taxes have not keep up with inflation and the tax monies needed for infrastructure repairs.

    Also all those who are hating Illinois, do all of us a favor, leave don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.


  5. Funny how the Town can find a fee and tax for everything, constantly increasing said fees and taxes, but you suggest a bike registration fee, and suddenly their tune changes. Of course, they paint bike riding as a way to offset wear and tear on the roads. Right, like a few dozen more people (heck, 100s more people) on bikes will really push back the need for routine maintenance/upkeep on roads.


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