Remember the Normal officer arrested for DUI?

By: Diane Benjamin

Previous story:

Amanda Street wasn’t the only officer Normal recently lost. Normal so far hasn’t complied with my FOIA requests. They have one last chance.

Excerpt from the investigation document below:

11 thoughts on “Remember the Normal officer arrested for DUI?

      1. maybe yes maybe no , meanwhile she would be on paid administrative leave while the case drags on for years 🏆


  1. I’m assuming Amanda identifies as a woman and as such one has to wonder how much of her hiring was to satisfy a quota. God forbid the town of Normal have an all white male police department. The problem with CRT is that it’s not just about race. It applies to gender as well and the long and the short of it is that other more qualified candidates are going to get passed over in the name of equity. In the end it’s the dumbing down of America. Fortunately, the Normal police department took action to get rid of her. The bigger question is why did they hire her in the first place.

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  2. I want to know if you people would still attack her if she wasn’t a cop and just a random person? No, probably not. People make mistakes all the time and I’m sure none of you are perfect. What a sad world to live in. Amanda is human like the rest of us and made a bad decision and is dealing with the consequences and doesn’t need all you small minded people judging her.


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