Normal Police Officer arrested for DUI

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Not just any police officer, according to her Linked-In account:

Her name is Amanda Street. Type it into Public Access and the name switches to her maiden name:

Charges were filed April 2, 2021. She was also charged with improper lane usage and disobeying a stop sign.

This was verified with the Sheriff’s office, no word on her current job status.

7 thoughts on “Normal Police Officer arrested for DUI

  1. To be a leader in the community you have to lead by actions. Not to say a school resource officer shouldnt drink but making those decisions to drive and break laws while upholding the law and in a position of leadership to youth is slightly hypocritical. But humans will be humans. Maybe jobless human soon.

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  2. Hard to be a cop without a Driver’s License.

    Was she armed? Or did she have a loaded gun in the car too? That would / could be a secondary charge.

    She’ll go to “booze rehab” and use her free pass and stay on with the department. Don’t expect MADD to picket NPD to ask for her termination. Which would suck as she’s got 18 years and change on the job. Two years shy of retirement and she gets blitzed and drives? Not good decision making.

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  3. This is really sad to hear. Amanda has worked as community officer, street officer for years. I have personally worked with her during my employment as a property manager and found her to be very professional during those years.

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  4. Anyone attending a watch party tonight should think twice about drinking then driving. It will ruin your career unless you are a democrat, in which case you can use the DUI as an asset to say you have been victimized by the capitalistic alcohol industry.


  5. She’s a nice lady. She’s the lead singer from the ’80s cover band Reyro Fit. Obviously made a bad decision and got caught doing it! She must pay the penalty and the consequences. Unfortunate.


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