Update with video: Normal must not want you to see it

By: Diane Benjamin

Last night’s Normal Town Council meeting isn’t online yet, maybe because they don’t want you to see what happened before you vote.

Stan Nord brought up again appointments the public knows nothing about until the council votes. Evidently the appointees don’t know either. Stan talked to last night’s person and she didn’t know her appointment would be voted on. Chemberly Cummings claimed she didn’t know she was appointed to the CMD Foundation Board years ago until after it happened. (Only time she had an opinion last night)

Chris Koos claimed it’s too hard to get volunteers and it would be even more difficult if their name was public before a vote. Funny, he had lots of volunteers for the empty Connect Transit Board seat, he didn’t fill it for more than a year anyway until he found the “right fit”.

Pam Reece claimed they aren’t doing anything illegal by not mentioning the name. This is similar to the Public Comment policy wasn’t illegal until the Attorney General said it was. Town Attorney, Brian Day, claimed it wasn’t illegal until he flipped a switch in his head and decided it was. The name of the appointee was stated before the vote, she lives in Bloomington! (I need to video to catch her name)

Can you imagine appointees from Normal on Bloomington Boards and Commissions? They don’t pay taxes in the city they don’t live in and therefore have no vested interest in keeping taxes low where they live. They have “no skin in the game”!

CORRECTION – Stan voted yes. From memory, Stan voted no, the rest approved.

More happened, maybe the video will appear later.

Vote for a Council that respects the law and expects the same of the staff. Real public servants don’t try to get by with as much as they can until they can’t anymore.

Early in the discussion Brian Day says it’s legal to not say the name, right before the vote he suggests the name be said before the vote.

Video starts at 1:05:

6 thoughts on “Update with video: Normal must not want you to see it

  1. Video is up. One thing is becoming increasingly clear is that Karyn Smith is now fully in the Koos/Reece camp and is doing her best to defend her overlords whenever they and their decisions are challenged.


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