Normal meets tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Meeting documentation:

I hope the citizens who had sewage in their homes show up at public comment. I don’t see anything in the budget or community investment plan to keep it from happening again. Normal did nothing when it happened last year, it will happen again. Don’t be bullied into commenting at the end of the meeting!

Instead of fixing old infrastructure, Normal wants to build new. They will spend $60,000 for a study to extend sewer on West College.

Normal is also spending a lot of money at this and recent meetings on the water system. Did they finally figure out some areas of town have nasty water? Or, do they have other plans they haven’t shared yet?

Something I found while looking for something else – PDF page 373

I wonder if homes without sewer and storm water separated are still forced to pay the Storm Water Rates.

For comparison, below are Bloomington’s garbage rates. Note – everything in Bloomington is more complicated:

The above and other fees Bloomington charges can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Normal meets tonight

  1. With the exception of Stan Nord, Koos and the rest of council have absolutely no concern regarding the term “accountability” when it applies to them or what they do. They’re all incompetent!

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    1. You’re completely correct about ‘accountability’, but ‘incompetent’ needs clarification. You seem to be implying that they are incompetent public servants. They are not… public servants. They are politicians, which has a significant overlap with con men. At that, they are quite competent, and the recent election proves it. Some say the election was stolen; if so, that proves they’re competent politicians. Whether their pretending to be public servants garnered enough votes to win or simply enough to make a stolen win seem plausible as an actual win, either of those proves they’re competent politicians.
      I could cite numerous other actions and characteristics, but anyone who’s been reading this site for more than a few months should be able to come up with more on their own.


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