Normal: Say NO to Andy Byars

By: Diane Benjamin


Some question whether Hartke is being paid by or is otherwise involved with national groups with ties to the fossil fuel industry. At a hearing in McLean County, resident Andy Byars raised that question, calling Hartke a “carpet-bagging wind opponent” using “fear-mongering tactics” to spark local opposition to wind energy.

Byars is talking about Ted Hartke. Note the name calling by Byars.

Another excerpt:

Hartke grew up on a hog farm in tiny Teutopolis, Illinois, and is passionately dedicated to preserving farming life and culture, as he describes it. He says he previously supported wind energy, and initially had no reservations when Invenergy started its California Ridge wind farm near his home in Vermilion County.

But once the Invenergy turbines were operating in early 2013, as Hartke describes it, their family life became a nightmare. At the Ford County hearing he showed photos and maps of their spacious former home with four wind turbines located within 3,500 feet, the nearest one 1,665 feet away. He described sleepless nights and contacting the company more than 50 times in the wee hours complaining about the noise from turbines.

Hartke said he hired an expert to do a noise study in his home. He has not released those results to county boards where he has testified or to Invenergy.

Over Christmas 2013 Hartke’s family moved into a double-wide trailer and later into another house. He refers to his family as “refugees” forced to “abandon” their home. He said they sold the home near the Invenergy wind farm to an elderly neighbor in 2016, three years after leaving; the house most recently sold in April for $262,000 after being listed for nearly a year at a higher price.

The tone of Andy Byars’ comment proves he is unfit to serve on the Normal Town Council. There is already too much vilifying of opposition. Did Byars know Hartke was forced to abandon his dream home because of turbines? I bet he did, see links below. Byars had researched Hartke because Ted has a compelling story for setbacks which wind farm developers hate.

It gets better!

Andy Byars celebrated the Logan County Board approving another wind farm. This is the same meeting where an elderly board member was abused to change his vote to get it approved.

H/T to the reader who posted other Andy Byars work in a comment. Byars was attacking wind opponents while still in college based on what he read on the internet. (Everything on the net is obviously true! 😎) How much money has Byars made from promoting expensive energy? The Normal voters should know the answer to that question!

Read page 412.–SU-17-11-Invenergy-1-10-2018?bidId=

Read page 2.

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8 thoughts on “Normal: Say NO to Andy Byars

  1. Andy was actively involved in Kathleen Lorenz’s last campaign. He’s very politically connected and very much along the same line as Scott Preston. The people of Normal need to understand that Andy and Lorenz are master politicians, heavily connected and are ready and able to do whatever it takes to get elected. Their people vote and they are going to be difficult to defeat in the town of Normal. Especially with the majority of Normal residents not voting in local elections. Wake up, Normal!

      1. Correction…Kathleen and Andy will use the Democrat machine to win. That is just one of the benefits of pretending to be a Republican.

    1. ” Director of Midwest Operations ” @ who strategies ?… “very politically connected” … Andy & Lorenz MASTER politicians …” “…heavily connected” . LoLolOL bahawahahaha – ah dayum –
      my side hurts from laughing too hard !

      You are prolly rite about them winning tho – but it sure isn’t because they are master politicians or strategists !

  2. Andy sent his crew around collecting signatures this past year to our neighborhood and they were very hesitant to answer any questions. When I mentioned that I had been collecting signatures just that day for “Stan”, the immediately excused themselves and moved on.

    I contacted my neighbors to let them know. Then, I began investigating this Andy fellow. He’s a narcissist in a suit and tie and using the RNC/GOP platform instead of the rightful DNC/commie establishment party that he should be. His views are counter to conservatives and if questioned he becomes defensive and demeaning. Not how a conservative argues logically.

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