No more Wind Farms McLean County!

By: Diane Benjamin

The State of Illinois has taken local control of Wind Farms away from counties. This is a summary of the bill from Rep. Dan Caulkins:

Wind Farm developers want to pack as many turbines as they can on the available land. 150 feet from a home is detrimental to Quality of Life for the people living in that house. I know a family who was forced to abandon theirs because a turbine was too close to their dream home. Everyone was suffering from sleep issues. Pets and other animals were also affected.

Electricity generated by wind is more expensive, anybody believe you paying more for electricity is good for the environment?

The people who passed this atrocious law don’t live near a wind farm. They don’t care who is affected because it isn’t them. It all about money, the environment has nothing to do with building more. Each turbine has at least 80 gallons of oil that must be replenished every year.

I could post many pictures of turbines leaking oil. Killing birds must be okay too. McLean County needs to declare NO MORE will be allowed. Go ahead and use the best farmland in the world for solar. One small tornado will destroy it.

Remember the Logan County Board abuse of a member to change his vote?

Shortly after this meeting the Board met again and removed the setbacks. They had to make the developer happy, the homeowners are immaterial.

5 thoughts on “No more Wind Farms McLean County!

  1. Control was taken away from the counties because the majority of counties are Republican. Dealing with Republican County boards turns into many costly battles for wind/solar companies. The state legislature is dominated by Democrats and RINOs who don’t live in rural areas and have no problem dictating land use in places where they don’t live. Out of sight, out of mind..

    Guess which candidate for local election works for an energy companies who pushed for and benefits from this law? Self-described “Republican” Andy Bayrs.

    Here are some results of a search of “Invenergy and Byars”

    Read page 412.–SU-17-11-Invenergy-1-10-2018?bidId=

    Read page 2.

  2. WOW! Going on public record to slew insults and gossip with no sympathy for how that family was harmed crosses a line. Byars is another bully we don’t need elected. Normal has enough of those already.

  3. “You will own nothing and be happy.” Klaus Schwab. And while theyre at it, they’ll destroy everything that is precious to us through the use of their usefull idiots.

  4. Pritzker at Davos confirmed Illinois Fossil fuel free by 2050. So we will be seeing more wind and solar unless the Dems have some super secret alternative energy generator technology. Solar isn’t really viable in Illinois currently for large scale applications, and recently I went through two estimates for home solar installations. What a scam.

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