Corruption and Elder Abuse: Logan County

By: Diane Benjamin

Wind farm developers have been targeting Logan County recently. The meeting below happened on 11/22. The video was taped from the Young Conservatives of Logan County Facebook page which has the entire video of the over 3 hour meeting. The part below happened very close to the end of the meeting. The Board was voting to approve yet another wind farm. The citizens did not want it. These turbines are a problem because they could interfere with doppler weather in Lincoln.

This video is important because it shows elder abuse and corruption by the Logan County State’s Attorney Brad Hauge and the Board Chair. Hauge’s advice is a BIG problem and should eliminate him from being appointed as a Circuit Court judge. He has applied to replace Judge Tom Funk who is retiring.

When the County Board originally voted it was a tie 5-5 which means the wind farm was not approved. The votes can be clearly heard, the citizens present heard all the votes.

The County Board member on the far right side is obviously elderly, his name is Robert Farmer. After the vote watch the Board member next to him, Janet Estill. She asks him if he meant to vote NO.

The Chair, Emily Davenport claims she didn’t hear the vote. Bedlam them breaks out between the citizens who heard him vote no and the County Board members who really want another wind farm. State’s Attorney Hauge is seen approaching Davenport several times.

The entire County Board did not re-vote the Wind Farm. Board member Farmer did not say he wanted to change his vote. He was pressured by other County Board members to change his vote. That is elder abuse. State’s Attorney Hauge allowed this to happen meaning he is unqualified to be a judge.

If you want better video see it on Facebook.  The vote happens at 2:52:00

The chief judge of McLean County is taking applications to replace Judge Funk:

Judge Fellheimer needs to disquality Hauge now. This is his court phone number: 309-888-5254

The video is over 10 minutes long because that’s how long it took!

6 thoughts on “Corruption and Elder Abuse: Logan County

  1. Logan county has a couple corrupt members that lead the others around. The majority are weak and leading our county into the trash can with these crazy wind farms and unsustainable budget increases. This episode is an example of thier incompetence. Get involved where you can and make a change.

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  2. The sooner the normies can wrap their heads around the fact that these people are evil, yes I said evil, the sooner some real push back MIGHT begin. I have seen similar things done by them to elderly people or people who are simply not that well informed or unsure of something.

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  3. The county board is voting again tomorrow night with a rescind motion. Apparently they are not happy that 4 windmills were removed from the Pike Creek proposal because of impacts to wildlife.
    These windmills need to be at least one mile from homes but home owners have no say if they are not the owners of the farmland where the windmills will be placed.
    These windmills also need to be out of the impact zone for the Lincoln National Weather System.

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  4. The amount of corruption and greed woven into the Logan County Board is absolutely nauseating. If the board members took even minimal consideration of the people living in these rural areas and their opinions/values they would easily have a majority vote NO against another wind farm. Elder abuse at its finest with persuasion of a vote.


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