Both Bloomington and Normal last night

By: Diane Benjamin

I had another meeting to attend last night so I didn’t watch either Normal or Bloomington live. Normal’s was only around 1/2 hour so I did watch it. I heard 2 media outlets showed up with video cameras, maybe they were expecting fireworks that didn’t happen.

Mayor Koos wasn’t there, maybe not much was contentious because he wasn’t. Acting mayor Kevin McCarthy did announce the name of the appointee to the police pension board before the vote: Police Chief Bleichner. (Baby steps toward transparency!) Stan Nord asked if Unit 5 was aware of all the new property tax revenue coming soon because of home construction. McCarthy didn’t want to discuss it. Meanwhile, Unit 5 will be asking you to pay more on April 4th.

Bloomington’s meeting was much longer. It’s impossible to watch because the sound and speaker’s mouths don’t sync. The longest discussion was on spending the state grant for violence reduction. We do know what works because violent crime reduced substantially when incarceration rates increased. Violent crime has increased substantially with “wokeness” and soft on crime politicians. Career criminals commit a large percentage of crimes, going soft on them promotes more criminal activity.

Some members of the Council think they know better than the police how to fight violent crime: Molly Ward wants community groups and nonprofits to submit ideas. Julie Emig doesn’t want street lights fixed, she called it light pollution.

Sheila Montney recapped ideas Peoria developed, the murder rate in Peoria skyrocketed in response.

A formal vote will take place on Monday because the money has to spent by June. That vote will prove why Bloomington needs better representation on the Council. Programs some Council members want to promote will have the same results as seen in Peoria.

Maybe Molly can figure out how to make sure every child has two parents living in the home and actively involved in raising them . (she is a minister!)

Just hit play to see what the police are proposing and hear the discussion. I suggest not watching the video, only listen. You will get a headache trying to watch it. Slides are available that show what the police are proposing.

WGLT reported numerous people spoke at Public Comment about drones. Numerous means TWO, one of which was of course representing the ACLU. FYI – Normal is also looking at buying drones.

3 thoughts on “Both Bloomington and Normal last night

  1. Councilman Ward. She is a dandy. The $500k comes from the Illinois Violence Prevention Act. Common sense that the money should go to the police department. However, Ms. Ward wants to spend $30k on research. Yes, let us hire another outsider and line their pockets. Stop spending money foolishly Ms. Ward. Then Ms. Ward goes to her Facebook page and asks her “people” how should the money be spent. Of course her people all gather around, hold hands and offer up ideas like alternative mental health help instead of police. Well, mental health is needed, however, the grant is about violence prevention which would give the police department more tools to fight crime. Ms. Ward and her hand holders don’t want police fighting crime. They prefer utter chaos in their lives. It was not just Ms. Ward, but it was also Ms. Imig and Mr. Craybill. Finally, we are stuck with this type of crap because people do not vote. If we put a few more people on council, we are left with a city that will be known for a high crime rate full of hand holders singing their tune of choice. The biggest fear of Ward, Imig and Craybill? A drone would be purchased. Yikes. All these people afraid of cameras overseeing our lives, yet they are the first to whip out their cell phone and record.

    1. While it’s true that an idea from the left is Probably wrong, that does not mean that it’s Always wrong. Used properly, drones can indeed be an asset to law enforcement. But used Improperly, they open up multiple new avenues for abuse of government power. This is Illinois – do you trust our political leadership to not misuse this?

  2. The lack of common sense, or just plain ideological stupidity that is actually verbalized from the people on the board is astounding to me. I bet some of these people debate crossing the street. It’s safer when it’s red versus green and that feeding a lion at a zoo by hand is safer than throwing the meat into the cage.

    Nothing and Bloomington will get done with people that argue about not fixing street lights because it causes light pollution. When you turn off the lights and city streets, you will increase crime. Criminals love the dark when you take away the dark you reduce crime. The first public street lighting with gas was demonstrated in Pall Mall, London on 28 January 1807 by Frederick Albert Winsor, according to (history of

    It’s extremely asinine to make a statement that city lights, create light pollution, and should not be replaced. If you’re talking about lights in the countryside, large unpopulated areas near landmarks or open spaces then there is some validity. But cities require safety 24hrs.

    Asking nonprofits, and other groups for input can be a good idea in some situation’s. But I can guarantee in this situation. The only groups under consideration have ideological views slanted in a particular direction pointing away from the right. When it comes to crime, there’s no such thing as being soft. Having first-hand experience with criminals they only care that they have done something wrong once they’ve been caught. But many of the problems of crime will not be solved by Bloomington or Normal’s city, Council, or any law. In fact, removing many laws that currently exist and services and creating a culture that builds self-esteem, family values , morals, ethics. Would be a good first start.

    Removing the existing educational system and starting over with what existed in the later part of the 19th century, concentration on reading, writing, and math, critical thinking, Gods Laws, putting emphasis back on the family, away from government to help change Americas culture and build a stronger foundation for the next generations. Rugged Americanism.

    Side note: concerning the council meeting.
    It’s the same as when you read on the package of meat at the store that your meat is grass fed, all beef is grass fed. If they weren’t grass fed, they’d be dead, most of the packages that say grass fed, are imported beef or foreign meat. But because American farmers have rules and restrictions by the FDA about labeling. They are restricted.

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