Bloomington: Last night’s Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

It was a pretty boring meeting except for the guy who probably showed up high and started verbally attacking an alderman.  I say “high” because he has admitted in previous comments to being “high” and the police harassing him for no reason at all.  He has also called himself from Mars.  He was cut off, but he caused the Council to ask for clarification on what can be done about Public Comment.  The guy really hates BlnNews and some of the Council obviously feel the same way.  Changing the rules could be as easy as banning obvious public decency offenders from speaking for a set number of meetings.  The Council needs to keep in mind these meetings are on tape.  Abuses by the Mayor and Council won’t be tolerated, but this guy shouldn’t be either.  An officer is always present at the meetings – call him in.

At the end of the meeting Diana Hauman clarified who is going to Washington DC at your expense for One Voice:  Tari Renner, Austin Grammer, Amelia Buragas, and Diana Hauman.  $1550 each plus whatever other expense they incur.  Bills and Payroll referenced different attendees.

Since Jim Fruin mentioned people are asking him who to vote for mayor, and I’m sure he is telling people who should replace him in ward 9, the people asking should know Jim Fruins voting record:

Jim Fruin voted for the .04 per gallon Gas Tax

Jim Fruin voted for the 4% Amusement Tax

Jim Fruin voted against the Utilities tax increase

Source for above:

Jim Fruin voted for the 1% Sales Tax increase:

Does Fruin’s opinion matter?  Only if you want a mayor and Ward 9 alderman willing to fleece the citizens for even more money!  The State wants more money, so does Unit 5.  Heartland raised your property taxes.    Where does it stop?

During City Manager comments, David Hales bemoaned the condition of the State and possible funding cuts to cities.  His attitude implied more tax increases will be needed to make up the difference.  Cuts are never suggested unless to police and fire, obvious scare tactics.

Yes, who you vote for in February and April matters! 

Watch the meeting here:

15 thoughts on “Bloomington: Last night’s Council

  1. Why not look at cuts? Sending someone to the Washington DC meeting maybe a benefit, but why four people. Two should be plenty. 8.5 million on O’Neil Park! Have you been by there in the mist of summer? Pool is not used to its potential. This is an item that gets done when there is surplus funds. Let’s put a higher effort to streets and sewer issues. O’Neil Park does not have some of the amenities at some of the other pools, however, if funds are tight then it is not the right time. Jim Riker


  2. Being that it is close to primary election time, I was not surprised to see two of Renners trolls at last nights City Council Meeting. Michael Gorman, works for the IWU IT Department , and he’s Renners LGBT representive and current treasurer of Bike BloNo.
    Gormans life partner is a university professor. Renner has appointed Gorman to various committees and commissions, and he was one of the principal persons behind the various websites that were set up last year to harrass Diane Benjamin and the BlnNews. He’s currently working in partnership with others from the gay community in operating two Facebook pages that were setup to harrass Ian Bayne.

    The pudgy goofball Man from Mars is also affiliated with Gormans hate group. He showed up at a local sports bar with the intent of publically humiliating Ian Bayne who was with a group of campaign workers and then bragged about it on the anti Bayne website. What the idiot didn’t realize, by the time he showed up, almost everybody was gone except for just a few campaign volunteers. What a clown!


    1. But they’ll be eating prime rib together in D.C laughing it up together so smart, so smug, celebrating that the taxpayers are getting screwed as they wine and dine on the citizens dime.


  3. “At the end of the meeting Diana Hauman clarified who is going to Washington DC at your expense for One Voice: Tari Renner, Austin Grammer, Amelia Buragas, and Diana Hauman.” Yeah if Hauman isn’t a plant to help force a primary, fool me once,,,. Well this council doesn’t have the character to fool me even once. What a rotten display of entitlement and arrognance the majority of this council portrays.


      1. Well, what words do you consider profanity because i have seen some of your minions spout some pretty profound words and you haven’t said a word to them.


  4. Calling democrats Democratic is a bit like calling proctologists “Asstronauts”.
    You start with the impression they are flying high, but soon discover they are full of crap.


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