Kudos Jim Fruin

By:  Diane Benjamin

Alderman Jim Fruin is NOT letting the gold-plated City health insurance issue drop!

Normally alderman wring their hands over some injustice and the issue is never addressed again.  Jim is dogging the City to address the health insurance issue without a need for expensive consultants.

He even suggested the Mayor ask, during his next radio interview, citizens send their plan summary sheet to the City.  Instant analysis!

Good job Jim!  The rest of the alderman should be demanding the same accountability from the City.

Just hit play below – watch 5-6 minutes.  Jim is standing up for the taxpayers of Bloomington – very rareHe only gets better the longer he talks.  Don’t miss his response to Nicole.




  1. Good Help is So Hard to Find says:

    I cannot believe the arrogance of Ms. Albertson to essentially challenge Alderman Fruin’s assessment and knowledge of employer benefits and compensation as it pertains to health insurance. Early in her comments, she basically states that she has not personally seen the ‘data’, so until then, she cannot say. Hey, here’s a newsflash . . . Alderman Fruin is an elected official with many years’ business experience and life experience. If he says he’s studied an issue and has ‘data’ that the City can rely upon . . . take his word for it and don’t argue with him. She makes it seem like Alderman Fruin needs to ‘run things by her.’ It should be the other way around.

    Additionally, why is it these shitty City employees never seem to have enough ‘data’ to make a decision that would be one other than that serves their interest? If the employees stand to benefit . . . then no problem. However, if they stand to lose something for which they feel entitled, then their decision making gets mired in overanalysis, hired consultants, and the ultimate result gives them what they want: Alderman just ‘give up’ trying to get staff to comply. And, ‘poof’ the issue goes away.

    The tail is wagging the dog. Weak management is allowing staff and understaff to run the household and question those that are above them. She kinda softened her insubordination, with her “tone” but . . . it was still there.


  2. Sounds like MS Albertson needs to DO her homework!! But she’d probably NEED a consultant.


  3. As a former Dir. of HR I was continually aware of what the other companies in my area were paying their employees and what the benefit packages contained. And I was not nearly so well paid as this person. Nor did I get a well padded pension when I retired.


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