History is a wonderful thing: Fruin and Fazzini

By: Diane Benjamin

BlnNews.com now has a ton of history – all the way back to early 2012.

Here’s a nugget you might have forgotten:

Bloomington didn’t have a gas tax until 2014. They didn’t have an Amusement Tax either. Fazzini and Fruin voted for for both. The gas tax only meant nothing had to be spent from the taxes you already pay to fix the roads.

Fazzini voted to hurt the poor by raising the Utilities Tax. Fruin voted no.

Why would anyone vote for Fazzini for County Auditor?

Jim Fruin voted for 2 of the 3 tax increases. When is he going to tell us what he’s running for?

See the details and links here: https://blnnews.com/2014/07/28/dont-forget-who-raised-your-taxes/





5 thoughts on “History is a wonderful thing: Fruin and Fazzini

  1. Fazzini and Fruin are long-standing BN Elitist Clique members. Both enjoy the recognition when attending a public function or walking into a restaurant. Fazzini had many an illegal lunch meeting at Rosie’s with Renner to discuss city business illegally when Rob was on council. He thinks his Chicago Heights brain is all important in making BN a cutting edge city. He really believes the downstate tubes can’t possibly make any hay without is knowledge and involvement. I can remember when he refused to say grace at a public function telling the host that he “didn’t believe in God.” Fruin thinks along the same lines but is more of a Bill Brady clone. His dedication to public service is based on “being out in the community” in order to be recognized to eventually line his own pockets (selling real estate to anyone besides benefiting from a golden parachute SF retirement). IMHO the guy is not particularly bright but is able to dress and act the part enough to fool most of the people most of the time.


  2. Don’t know why anyone would vote for Fazzini I wouldn’t and didn’t…always though Fazizini felt he was better than most of us…Fruin was less than honest when it came to the city’s business & CCHS, that being said I will still vote for him before Renner or the other announced candidate.


  3. Was not Fazzini involved with the “huge industry” biodiesel fuel-from-garbage scheme for the west side that all hinged on getting massive upfront investment from the city?


  4. Since they are so SMART, put them BOTH on a jet to California which would be powered by garbage.
    Garbage IN, garbage OUT! Kinda adds NEW meaning, huh..
    Just MORE of the Smarty Smart crowd!


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