Agenda: Bloomington Monday night

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 21:

Citizens can no longer know how employees with PCards spend your money. A list is no longer published. You won’t know who ate on your dime and who traveled and to where with your money. Remember when Tari proclaimed over and over “There are no free lunches” except he was FREQUENTLY getting “free lunches” until his PCard got taken away. You will also no longer know (unless every PCARD statement is FOIA’d) how much employees spend on parties for themselves. ANY SPENDING can be easily buried! Transparency!

The items paid for are buried in TOTALS:


PDF page 271 and following. If we build it (and pay for it) they will come.

Public Art Commission:

PDF pages 254 and following. Your tax dollars will pay a City staff person to attend and organize what the new Public Arts Commission does. This Council voted to make art an essential service.

PDF page 262:

Presentation only, hopefully the next agenda doesn’t have a spending increase to fund more (they frequently do):

PDF page 259

This is the link designated:

The Consent Agenda has many items that might be pulled. It could be a LONG meeting. Tari has three proclamations to read. He is also appointing to Boards and Commissions, Boyd was his campaign manager:

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